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I'm puzzled. Hopefully that will work better. There was an MS document on it, but I can't find it now. MS nlb on server , vmware, and cisco.

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Posted: Tue Jul 19, am. Relevant config is below: Switch 1 not working Code:. Posted: Tue Jul 19, pm. Die fast. Frennzy "Live young.

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To verify that your equipment can support this mode, contact your hardware vendor. From an NLB standpoint, the configuration is straightforward: Install the role, open the console, create a load-balancing cluster, select the nodes, set the NLB mode, and then set the ports and affinity.

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To configure a cluster node by using NLB Manager, you must be a member of the Administrators group on the cluster node. To configure the NLB cluster operation mode, use the following steps:. To start the tool, open a Command Prompt window and run the following command:.

MicroNugget: What is Network Load Balancing (NLB) in Windows Server 2012?

As an alternative, you can do your math, considering the following guidelines the numbers correspond to the red numbers in the screenshot :. Skip to main content.

Catalyst Switches for Microsoft Network Load Balancing Configuration Example_百度文库

These sessions can be balanced across the available connections. An FTP application only uses a single session so it is not balanced; however if a secondary FTP connection is made, then it may be balanced so that the traffic is distributed across two of the various connections and thus provides an overall increase in throughput. Additionally, network load balancing is commonly used to provide network redundancy so that in the event of a WAN link outage, access to network resources is still available via the secondary link s.

Redundancy is a key requirement for business continuity plans and generally used in conjunction with critical applications like VPNs and VoIP. Finally, most network load balancing systems also incorporate the ability to balance both outbound and inbound traffic. Inbound load balancing is generally performed via dynamic DNS which can either be built into the system, or provided by an external service or system.

Having the dynamic DNS service within the system is generally thought to be better from a cost savings and overall control point of view. Microsoft has also purchased [1] a technology that it renamed Network Load Balancing NLB that allows for efficient utilization of multiple network cards.

Microsoft Network Load Balancing on Nexus 7000 Configuration Example

MS NLB was introduced for the first time in Windows NT server to spread traffic over multiple hosts without the need for a hardware based load balancer, e. This setup will cause all incoming traffic for the cluster to be flooded to all ports of the switch as unknown unicast frames: [3] even to hosts that are not joining in the cluster.

To keep flooding minimal you would need to use a dedicated VLAN for the cluster. Another option is to make NLB in multicast mode.