Dupe de rouge a levre mac

You're so right, it would be so flattering for so many skin tones! The dupes are so spot on! I picked up the Essence shade just yesterday, so I'm glad to hear it's a dupe. Odtenek je res lep! I love the shade! It really suits you! You've found some great dupes, definitely going to check some of them out as I get too overwhelmed in MAC by all the choices www.

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Really nice shade! How have I not heard about it before?! Young London.

Make Up Revolution, un repère de dupes !

I'm still in search of a MLBB lipstick. Maybe this will be it! It looks really great on you. It looks great on you! Love your pictures xx www.

I love the look of Faux and looks lovely on you : Definitely need to add this to my collection. MAC Faux Lipstick was hard to catch, let me tell you that.

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  • It was almost mission impossible if I take into consideration all the praises Faux got recently. So, I've been patiently stalking my nearest abroad counter and managed to snap one of the last few there.

    Best Mac Lipstick Dupes with Lip Swatches -- 17 MAC Vs FLORMAR Lipstick dupes -- LINDA

    This hyped up mauve nude is truly what I expected it to be. Slightly darker rose with a perfect balance of mauve and grey.


    The tricky thing is, that Faux looks like a brown-rose based nude in the bullet but surprises once applied. Faux is just right up my alley, a perfect version of my natural lip color. It all makes sense now It's slightly cool toned but still warm and rosy. Once on the lips , it's a lighter and ashier version of herself.

    Les dupes make-up - July In The Sky

    With a Satin finish it looks almost matte but it's still creamy enough to be universally likable. I can totally see Faux being an ultimate favourite by all skin types - including cooler and warmer undertones. I assume Faux ''adapts'' to the same tones as your natural lip color. This lipstick comes packaged in a blue-grey plastic that looks pretty different than the usual lipsticks.

    It is short and chubby and the cap closes tightly but not with a click. Its slides smoothly to lock itself and is quite travel friendly with the outer cardboard cover.

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    The shade is a gorgeous purple-magenta pink. It has the right mix of purple to it that makes it very wearable without looking like a goth goddess. Personally I hate purples on me. They somehow make me look really ill. This one is just one exception because of the strong magenta pink base. The texture is creamy but not overtly so.

    Why spend €20 when you can spend €2?

    It has a satiny feel, almost like the satin finish of MAC but better in terms of feel. This feels lighter on lips and a little glossier. The texture is actually pretty amazing to wear. It hugs your lips and gives you a second skin kind of feel. It does not bleed , does not get patchy and stays on for hours and hours of wear.

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