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How to fix macOS corrupt Trash

However, you will be left with the offending items in your Trash. If you want to try and identify which application is using the troublesome file, you could try the following Terminal Command:. You may not have sufficient privileges to delete a file. Deleting files on an external hard drive or flash drive can be tricky.

There are a few reasons for this:. In that case, you will see a message that Finder wants to delete the file, and you will be asked for your Password. Enter that, click OK.

SOLVED - How to FIX Securely Empty Trash in Mac OS X - How To Delete Stuck Files

Ron Ron 71 1 1 bronze badge. Yeah, works for me too. Go back to the Finder and confirm that your key combination works.

“App Is Damaged and Can’t Be Opened. You Should Move It To The Trash”, Fix

Now, return to the App Shortcuts pane, select the shortcut you created, and press the "minus" sign to delete the shortcut. Jacek Kolasa Jacek Kolasa 1 1 bronze badge. My Most Embarrassing Mistakes as a Programmer so far. The Overflow Newsletter 3 — The 75 lines of code that changed history. Featured on Meta. Feedback post: Moderator review and reinstatement processes. Post for clarifications on the updated pronouns FAQ. Separate Linux tag from Unix.

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Well, duh. From now on I work out of a folder on my desktop. Everything that was on my desktop, folders, files, photos, are still right where they were and working. My hard drive has Applications, Library, System ,Users, and a folder with snapshots. The snapshots folder has two time machine backups that were made during installation.

It is the same five folders. I do not want everything in the cloud. I do not have a business.

Let MacFly Pro Deal with Trash on Your Mac

I do not want to keep everything in a folder on my desktop. How to I change the location? I then dragged Mac HD-Data folder onto the title bar on the right of the line. Your docs are now hierarchical and can be accessed from one folder and at lease it hides all the folders and docs on the desktop into one folder. I am having numerous problems following your Catalina update. Especially frustrating that I cannot either open or delete the Relocated Items file.

Trash problems in OS X? Reset it! - CNET

This mysterious file also keeps sticking to my cursor, preventing me from using it, and forcing me to keep restarting my iMac. I had a few issues after installing Catalina. I have recently installed Catalina successfully. I have even reset my password.