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Vu appeared to be acting as a single, courageous citizen, making authorities more hesitant to retaliate and appear to be persecuting him. The indictment does not mention the two lawsuits against the prime minister, even though they were listed on the inventory of Dr. By moving against Dr. Vu, the authorities may have been seeking to make him a less sympathetic figure. Vu has not been formally charged with any offence related to being found in a hotel room with a woman who was not his wife. The government seriously miscalculated if it thought that portraying Dr. Vu as an adulterer and thug would dampen public interest and sympathy.

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They began to post comments and even marriage certificates on forums, chat rooms, and the social network Facebook, begging police not to arrest them. Ho Le Nhu Quynh contacted Dr. Not only has treatment of Dr. Pressured by multiple requests from his family, authorities granted five lawyers permission to defend Dr. Vu, and allowed them access to the defendant in detention.

Vietnam: The Party vs. Legal Activist Cu Huy Ha Vu

In addition, at the request of Dr. First, authorities ignored multiple requests from lawyer Nguyen Thi Duong Ha regarding procedural violations committed during Dr. In addition, authorities have been clumsy in dealing with the growing support for Dr. On March 20 and 21, , anonymous supporters sent bouquets of flowers to the Cu Huy Ha Vu Law Firm, expressing solidarity with his family. During the three weeks before the trial, Vietnam witnessed an outpouring of popular support for Dr.

Catholic churches in Hanoi and Nam Dinh held vigils attended by thousands of people praying for his freedom. Unprecedented numbers of Vietnamese attended prayer vigils in Hanoi and Nam Dinh in support of Dr Vu before his trial. In Hanoi, more than 5, people joined candlelight prayer vigils on April 2 and 3 for Dr.

Show above is a vigil at Thai Ha on Sunday, April 3, Some of Vietnam's most popular in-country bloggers urged people to go to court on the day of the trial or to take a day off work in protest. Wind Merchant's blog provided a detailed map of the area around the court, showing where to park motorbikes and bicycles and the location of nearby public bathrooms. Other bloggers posted suggestions about how protesters should respond to police harassment. The trial of Dr.

Vu started at 8: Although state media reported that the trial of Dr. Police and civil defense forces cordoned off the area surrounding the court. Nevertheless, hundreds of people gathered at different intersections and street corners nearby and attempted to approach the court. Police disperse supporters of Dr. At the beginning of the trial, Dr. Vu requested that the trial panel [75] be replaced due to a conflict of interest. Vu requested that the court replace Vu Dang Hieu, one of the two procurators, on grounds of conflict of interest.

Vu, he had denounced this procurator in in a separate case. During the trial, the four defense lawyers requested that the court make public the ten documents cited in the indictment as evidence against Dr. Vu had acknowledged that those 10 documents were his, and that Dr. Vu had signed on those documents. When defense lawyer Tran Vu Hai continued to insist that the court provide the ten documents, Judge Nguyen Huu Chinh ordered him to be ejected from the court by the police.

The three other defense lawyers —Tran Dinh Trien, Ha Huy Son, and Vuong Thi Thanh —continued to request that the judge act in accordance with article and release the ten documents to the defense. When the judge rejected their requests, they walked out of the trial in protest. The indictment claimed one of the 10 documents was an interview Dr. Vu did with Radio Free Asia on August 31, , in which he called for genuine reconciliation with members of the government of the former Republic of Vietnam.

However, the quote cited in the indictment was not from the RFA interview, but from a petition that Dr.

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Vu had sent the National Assembly on August 30, His sister argued that, according to the law, citizens have the right to submit complaints and petitions to the National Assembly, and thus the content of this petition could not be used as evidence against him. Ultimately, the court ruled that Dr. Vu was guilty of violating article 88 of the penal code for propagandizing against the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. He was sentenced to seven years in prison, to be followed by another three years on probation after his release. On April 21, state media reported that Dr. Vu had filed an appeal against the verdict issued on April 4.

As of this writing, the authorities have not permitted his family to see him since the trial. Vu have backfired, and helped to create an unprecedented movement of popular support for him that continues to grow online, as well as in large numbers of people gathering for peaceful vigils to show their solidarity. The vigorous defense that his family launched has kept the government off-guard and contributed to public sympathy for Dr.

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More remarkable still is the exceptional array of public support that Dr. Vu has attracted from disparate opposition groups that rarely address issues of common concern. Catholic support for him is especially notable in this regard. Vu is not a Catholic and Catholic churches in Vietnam do not usually expend their limited political resources on issues that do not directly affect their own communities. Other prominent supporters of Dr. Vu include moderate technocrats and academics affiliated with the Bauxite Vietnam , local groups of land rights activists, and the dedicated political dissidents of pro-democracy group Bloc But it also owes something to the rapid spread of information about the case on the internet, spearheaded by a barely visible army of bloggers, citizen-journalists, and Facebook devotees.

Indeed, the ground swell of energy created by the case must be understood as an important byproduct of the gradual development in Vietnam in recent years of a nascent legal culture independent of the communist state, and the spontaneous, uncoordinated growth of a dynamic o nline civil society.

The Vietnamese government is violating its obligations under international law by arresting, prosecuting, and sentencing Dr. Human Rights Watch calls for the immediate and unconditional release of Dr. Cu Huy Ha Vu. This report was researched and written by Asia division staff from Human Rights Watch. The report was edited by Phil Robertson, deputy Asia director; Dinah PoKempner, general counsel; and Danielle Haas, senior editor in the program office. Production assistance was provided by Jake Scobey-Thal, associate in the Asia division; Kathy Mills, publications coordinator; Anna Lopriore, photo editor; and Fitzroy Hepkins, production manager.

On October 21, , the Department of Information and Communications of Hanoi sent an official correspondence to the Hanoi Municipal Department of Public Security, requesting to conduct an investigation to follow up on findings that an individual self-claimed to be Cu Huy Ha Vu had given interviews on the Internet, whose contents called for the elimination of the leading role of the Vietnamese Communist Party, the removal of Article 4 of the Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and a multi-party, plural political system; and which distorted the course of resistance by the Vietnamese people against the invading US imperialists.

At The ward public security officers took both subjects to the station for further clarification. Public Security officers of Ward 11 reported and transferred the whole case file to the Security Investigation Agency of the Ministry of Public Security for processing. As for the given interviews, the foreign-based reporters contacted Vu by phone and informed him of the queries so that Vu could prepare his response in advance, then the interview was conducted. After that, Vu re-typed the content of the interviews and saved them on his laptop.

As for other essays and interviews by Cu Huy Ha Vu that have content that violates the interests of the state and citizens, the Security Investigation Agency of Hanoi Municipal Department of Public Security has set those aside for later investigation and handling. At present the accused is being detained at B14 detention center of the Ministry of Public Security. The aforementioned acts of Cu Huy Ha Vu have committed the crime of propagandizing against the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The crime description and punishment are stipulated in Article 88, section 1, point c of the Penal Code. Article The crime of propagandizing against the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam: Those who commit one of the following acts which aim to oppose the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam shall be punished with imprisonment from three to twelve years:. Produce, possess, or circulate documents and publications with content opposing the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Propagandizing against the state of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, in pursuance to Article 88, section 1, point c of the Penal Code. The exhibits in this case include: We, comprised of: The declarant pledges that his statements are true and takes full legal responsibility for his statements. I, Cu Huy Ha Vu, Doctor of Law, request my defense attorneys and legal representatives to convey the following content to the website Bauxite Vietnam, the public media, the electronic news websites at home and abroad:.

Such views could be summarized as follows:. On the occasion of the New Year of Tan Mao [the year of the Cat], as a patriotic Vietnamese, I cordially wish all of my compatriots a healthy, peaceful and prosperous new year! I also ask all compatriots to convey my best wishes to the individuals and organizations who have supported me in the struggle for justice and democracy in Vietnam on the occasion of the New Year in the second decade of the third millennium.

These minutes were completed at He has been indicted under article 88 of the Penal Code. This article has been metaphorically referred to as two eight-shaped handcuffs used to imprison countless numbers of patriots. On that date, the Procuracy, acting as the prosecutor at the trial, will continue to produce unconstitutional arguments to convict Dr.

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Vu in the same manner as many similar cases in the past. Other lawyers have extensively discussed the legal acts and defense statements; therefore I am writing this statement not to go deeper into academic discussion, but in essence to express my respect for brother Vu, whom I believe should never have been called a criminal in the past, present, or future.

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I believe that those like brother Vu should never be tried under criminal law. On the contrary, the state should be grateful for his concerns about the homeland and the nation. The voice of appreciation could spread from the coastal area occupied by a debt-ridden Vinashin to the Central Highlands where the bauxite disaster is waiting to strike; from the North where elderly mothers toil in back-breaking jobs to pay the taxes, to the South where war invalids are being spitefully discriminated against.