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It detected our test device a Sony PlayStation 3 instantly and immediately allowed us to start viewing content on our TV set, a much better installation experience than we had with some of the other options in this category of software.

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EyeConnect offers a fairly simple, clean-cut preference pane for managing its features. Most features can't be adjusted while the server is running, so you'll need to stop it while you play around with the settings. All the obvious options are there, such as the port to send your traffic through, a list of recognised UPnP devices from which you can allow or deny individual entries , and a section where you can choose which folders may be shared with your network device.

More interesting are the available options for enabling and disabling certain plugins for the server. Some of these allow for easy folder browsing, maintaining the structure of your iTunes library on your networked device etc, but others allow for on-the-fly transcoding of certain file types. The program only includes two transcoding plugins and we haven't yet been able to find any more , but this is a really interesting feature which could well extend the functionality of your UPnP device.

EyeConnect is a simple media server which is a snap to install and even easier to use. Highly recommended as an option for extending your digital life.

What applications can work with EyeTV?

Essential software for Mac and PS3 owners. Digital media files remain organized as originally stored in your Mac libraries so you can quickly find the file you want. Play slideshows of your organized photo albums for the enjoyment of family and friends. Access all the media in your Movies folder on your TV.

EyeTV Remote

The digital media player used determines the movie formats that are supported. Great application, stable and user friendly, easily connect your mac to ps3. This is a fantastic application, it makes it super easy to connect and stream anything from my mac to my TV that's connected to my PS3. I have my whole house wireless and can watch all my favorite and new content on my TV in high definition by simply turning on eye connect on my computer and my PS3 automatically see my movies, music and pictures folders. It plays back movies in various formats, avi and mp4 in p wirelessly.

I never had a problem with the application crashing, however if your internet connection is slow, or being throttled by your internet provider, it can affect the wireless reception, most internet providers claim that they are selling you a high speed internet with lots of bandwidth but you can quickly check the speed of your internet connection and realize that it is not what is advertised. App has promise but don't expect support.

Decided to move media serving off of Vista onto a spare Mac MacBook to simplify things. Things went like this Install EyeConnect trial on MacBook. Configured and running okay. Did take a while after setup before media showed up on streaming devices, but ok.

Mac OS X Server 1.0 Demo

Exactly 30 days later no streaming. Seemed to be ok. Few days later did an update to the MacBook and when it came back up no activation. So I think maybe this serial only works with EyeTv. Ok, I go buy a license for standalone EyeConnect. A note here it took 2 days to get the serial for the purchase. That seemed absurd to me, nearly every online purchase I've made has sent the serial with a few hours if not minutes. Okay after much negative from family, finally get serial installed and back up and running again takes some time.

Exactly 30 days later, nothing again. So I reinstall the code, looks okay.


I go ahead and do some OS updates since the system is down-ish and when it comes back up, not activated. Rinse and repeat installing code.

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Finally after trying to find anything on Elgato's website I submit a ticket. As a note on the website, the FAQ is basically marketing content and nothing in the forums. Six days later yep 6!!! No more searching for the remote, as everyone in the family can have one on their phone or iPad. EyeTV Remote uses your wireless network so it doesn't suffer the drawbacks of infra-red controllers. EyeTV Remote can be used from any room in your house, or the convenience of your arm chair.

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The large buttons are easy to find on the table, and you can adjust the button sensitivity to avoid accidental taps as you fumble for your phone in between the beer and peanuts. A single tap gets you commonly used actions. Swipe buttons up, down, left or right for less used operations. The help screen explains the functionality of each button in full.

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The companion software is 'JazzRemoteServer', and can be downloaded from www. Requires OS-X version This project is not affiliated with Geniatech nor Elgato Systems.

Major rework of internals to keep pace with Apple's iOS changes. New comms code improves reconnections, especially after wake from sleep. Reduced battery and processor requirements. Other minor bug fixes.

Please update JazzRemoteServer software to continue full functionality. The new server software is required to receive updates when EyeTV Remote is idle. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.